We have the opportunity to impact both individuals and families in the Sosúa area by providing support for students to attend university. After our students complete their education they are able to begin a career that can empower their entire family.

All families of our students are unable to help financially as they have sporadic income or are very poor. University Fellowships through DVI cost $100 per student, per month. Fellowships can be shared between several sponsorship families, churches, businesses, or other groups.

There are currently 2 graduates from this program (a doctor and a teacher), who had been sponsored by 4 Canadian families for many years.

Currently Sponsored!

Rosa is 21 years old.  She is the oldest of 4 orphaned siblings left with their illiterate grandmother.   Her Mom died when she was 8 years old and her father abandoned the family.   The grandmother built a house on the edge of a slope to a creek with sticks, tree branches and old pieces of tin and wood. DVI has been supporting this family since 2005. The Grandmother, in her early 60’s, is unable to work and has no income. Rosa now has a little job at a print shop that brings in a little cash but needed help to pay for her education.   Now with sponsorship, she is at university in the evenings, taking university 1 and then will enroll in education faculty. Rosa is a mature girl and has basically raised her 3 siblings together with her grandmother.

Currently Sponsored!

Irene is 20 years old and lives in the Samana peninsula.  She wants to be a teacher and is currently in University 1.

Fellowship Opportunities

Prudencia (Yanni) is 23 years old and lives south of Sosúa.   Yanni (her nickname) is married and has a young son. She lives in a village built by a charitable organization with homes for the very poor.  Her husband is a motoconcho taxi driver (small motorcycle) .  DVI has lent them money to buy a small fridge so they can make and store juice which they can sell.   They are also helping to support her husband’s poor family.

Yanni wants to be a teaching assistant and is enrolled in education faculty.  Despite their  best efforts, it is not enough to sustain them and Yanni may not be able to continue her education.

Deiana  is married with 2 children, one is a teen.   She is enrolled in the education faculty and is getting great marks.   Deiana often participates in the worship at her Church. Her husband is a motoconcho driver (small motorcycle taxi) but cannot earn enough as there are so many of these “taxis”.  Income is very sporadic as it is very dependent on tourism.  Despite all of their efforts she may not be able to continue her education.

Abiel Josias Martinez Santos (son of pastor Eddy Martinez, who is pastor in the neighboring village) is 20 years old.
He is in the engineering faculty in Santiago.

Support a University Fellowship today!

For $100/month you can empower an individual, and an impact entire family.

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